If you have a big network and are meeting people on a frequent basis, you need a Personal CRM (or PRM). Here is a list of the best Personal Relationship Managers to help you maintain and grow your network!

Life is super busy. If you are a consultant or an agency owner, for example, the success of your business relies massively on your ability to maintain great relationships with people who can bring you business.

This is not something you want to leave to luck. Instead, you want to be thoughtful about staying in touch. In one sentence: you want…

some code you’ll see in this article

This is an article I would have loved to find when we started to work on our Personal CRM business: Nat.app. One of our key differentiating features is our tight integration with Gmail.

But instead of asking full access to our user’s inboxes, we’ve decided to only access they’re Gmail metadata. While this is a great decision from a privacy perspective, the usage of Gmail’s metadata scope is very restricted and poorly documented, which is why I’m writing this article.

I’ll cover the following points:

  • How to set up Google OAuth to access the refresh and access tokens.
  • How to…

Monica Video Review

Monica: Best relationship management app for friends review

In this video, I’m reviewing Monica, one of the oldest CRM for friends solution out there. Visit their website here: monicahq.com I’m Nathan, I’m passionate about personal relationship management apps and have tried and used all of them. Because I could not find a solution that worked for me, I’ve started my own business: nat.app. Feel free to check it out!

The logic is simple. …

Why do we need a contact note-taking app?

We’ve always lived like this so this might sound unrealistic but having to deal with hundreds of people every year and knowing over a thousand people is not something we are used to as humans.

In fact, it’s very recent! The industrialisation, commercial flights and the Internet all broke down barriers that humanity had known forever and allowed us to become closer and more connected as a species.

Those changes, unfortunately, happened faster than our ability to adapt, our brains can’t remember all the faces we meet, we can’t store everything we’d like to about our contacts and network. …


My co-founders and I have been building our product for the past year. About 1 month ago, we got our first paying customer.

This felt incredible. Having someone who pays for your product is such a validation. It somehow felt like we had done the hardest part and that it would be pure fun and revenue from now on.

After our first paying customer, we got a few more interested users and two additional paying customers within weeks. If things kept going like this, we’d be ramen-profitable by the end of the year.

But for the past month, no one…

In this video, I’m reviewing Dex, one of the most popular PRM solution out there. Visit their website here: getdex.com I’m Nathan, I’m passionate about personal relationship management apps and have tried and used all of them. Because I could not find a solution that worked for me, I’ve started my own business: nat.app. Feel free to check it out!

What exactly is a Personal CRM?

The logic is simple. As CRMs have proven themselves to be extremely effective in managing clients, there is no reason not to implement this successful experience in your own professional and personal life.

A personal relationship manager is a…

We’re now officially one year in business. We’ve learned a lot on the way and are still moving slowly but confidently. In this post, I’ll give you an overview of what happened this year at Nat and what’s planned next.

Who we are & our core values

I’m not building a startup, I’m building a business.

- Nathan Ganser (@gansernathan) July 22, 2020

We believe that software can help humans to stay in touch and build strong relationships but aren’t willing to bet everything on it. That’s why we’re bootstrapped and working part-time. Some of us have families and all of us have real jobs. …

No need to repeat it, as a startup founder, you know that you’ve got to talk to users.

Only, it’s not that easy…

  • Which users should you talk to?
  • Where do you keep track of what your users tell you?
  • Which users are your super-users?
  • Which users are fading away?

We know that this is a problem because we’re experiencing it ourselves. As a startup, we’ve been struggling to keep up with the right users and optimize for learning. …

From time to time, we have this realization that we’ve lost touch with some people.

In my case, it was scrolling through my Whatsapp conversations and realizing that there were people I had totally forgot to stay in touch with.

Unless you’re some sort of machine, you will lose touch with tons of people in your life. And that’s fine.. for most of them. But there are these smart, funny and interesting people that it would be a shame to lose..

So now you’re here, thinking of who they are. Of course, if you could just remember all the people…

Screenshot of the Gmail app on an IPhone

Privacy matters, a lot. In the past years, we’ve mostly just trusted companies with our data, but as it turned out, that wasn’t a good idea.

Websites like haveibeenpwned.com or the Cambridge Analytica scandal, remind us every day that our data is not 100% safe and that no matter what a company promises us, keeping them accountable is hard, and we (the users) always pay the price.

Your email data is the most confidential data you have

Have you ever thought about all the stuff that gets into your emails? Every purchase you make, every online account you create, every flight you book, … it’s all in your emails. For…

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