We are building the best contact note taking app — here is why

Why do we need a contact note-taking app?

We’ve always lived like this so this might sound unrealistic but having to deal with hundreds of people every year and knowing over a thousand people is not something we are used to as humans.

In fact, it’s very recent! The industrialisation, commercial flights and the Internet all broke down barriers that humanity had known forever and allowed us to become closer and more connected as a species.

Those changes, unfortunately, happened faster than our ability to adapt, our brains can’t remember all the faces we meet, we can’t store everything we’d like to about our contacts and network. This is fine of course, it’s the promise of progress and evolution: solve a problem, create progress, realise that you just created a new problem, fix this problem, and so on…

Our note-taking app is simply a solution to the problem our innovative minds created. The problem is clear: we meet many people and simply forget things we would like to remember about them. The solution: a super-fast, super-simple app to take notes about your contacts that acts as a memory enhancer.

What is the best tool to take notes about people?

We are building the contact-building & relationship-maintaining toolkit for the modern human and a big part of our mission is to make it as easy as possible to enhance our ability to remember. No bio-hacking is required for this, instead, we rely on a very well known and loved system: note-taking.

There are already so many note-taking apps out there, so why would we need another one — What’s wrong with Evernote, Notion or Apple Notes?

Popular note-taking apps burry your notes and make them hard to resurface

Taking notes in general is very different from taking notes about your connections. When you take notes about someone, you’re building a profile about someone, you’re building your own source of truth about a person. This is very hard to do with traditional apps because they’re built as generic note taking apps. Some of our users have reported using Evernote and creating a note for each person and just appending more and more text to this same note. This is the best alternative we’ve found to our own app, with the key problem that it scales very badly. Once you have more than 30 contacts, you’ll start to struggle to find them, its very unnecessary friction.

Popular apps don’t integrate well with your own workflows

Imagine you just finished a meeting and have to jump into the next one. You join the Zoom call and apologise for being late. At the same time, you have to open your note-taking app and find the note about the person you’re having a call with. This is too inconvenient. Given that all the information about who you’re meeting and when is available, this friction can be reduced and that’s what we’re doing.

Why are you trying to reduce friction? It does not seem that bad

Friction is everything. Imagine two note-taking apps. The first one takes 0 seconds to open, it’s instant. You don’t have to do anything! As soon as you open it, you can see all the notes about the person you’re having a meeting with and you can just start jotting down notes.

The second one takes 2 seconds to open, then you have to type in the name of the person you want to resurface the notes of, click on their name and scroll down. 6 seconds in total.

Which one will you use more often? Would you use your phone as much if it took 5 seconds to start?

You might have guessed it, we are building the first app. The instant solution. We reduce friction to what’s possible and this will make your note-taking experience infinitely better.

How does our super-fast note-taking app work

We send you an executive summary before your meetings

The first thing you will notice when you sign-up is that we require access to your calendar data. This is because we are a contact note-taking app. And most of the interactions you might want to take notes about are in your calendar!

We will send you an email just before your next meeting with all the notes you’ve written about the person you’re about to meet. Just open the email and that’s it. No link to click, nothing. You have everything you need just in front of you to start the meeting.

Then, you can simply write your additional notes inside your email client — the place where you write most of your messages anyway. Simply by sending your notes as a reply, you’ll have saved your latest note!

This is the speed and convenience we promise.

You can start using our app for free here.

What about the traditional features? You can of course also login into our web app or mobile apps (coming in 2021) to write or read notes, as you would with any other note-taking app.

What about privacy? Our notes are safely stored in our encrypted and strongly protected database. No human can read the data and we will delete all your data within 24h upon request.

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